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FMS 2000MM DH-2 Beaver Airplane PNP (Float Option)
판매가격 : 398,000
◈회원 로그인시 회원할인가 적용◈
ㅡ회원할인 + 적립금 + 쿠폰할인
쿠폰적용가 : 378,100원 (-19,900원)
적립금 :3,980
배송비 :무료배송
배송정보 :입금확인후 평균 1~3일 소요
제조사 :FMS
구매수량 :
제품상태 :
총 금액 :


FMS 2000MM DH-2 Beaver Airplane PNP (Float Option)

- FMS사의 날개길이 2M 의 비버 비행기 입니다.

- 2M 날개 사이즈로 비행이 매우 편한하며 플로트를 장착시 물에서도 이착륙이 가능합니다.(FLOAT는 별매품입니다.)

- 비행을 위해서는 배터리와 송수신기만 구비하시면 됩니다.

- 날개는 분리가 되며 플랩이 장착되어 있습니다.


FMS Beaver 2000m

The new, giant FMS Beaver 2000mm combines stunning beauty and realism with upgrades, updated technology, and new features. The largest propeller aircraft offered in the FMS line is a giant scale gem that offers incredible value.

Not only does it look fantastic, the Beaver performs superbly. The thrust force can reach more than 5000g, the flying weight is only 3800g. With a classic, elegant black and yellow trim scheme, the Beaver combines breath-taking visuals with its impressive performance specs.  Capable of leisurely low and mid-speed flight, this model still maintains surprising aerobatic qualities.

Easier than ever.
With the latest multi-connect technology, FMS has streamlined the wiring system, making it easier to install and eliminating wiring problems. Easier plane transport is facilitated by the new connectors that allow pilots to remove and replace wings with just one step. All channels on each wing are brought together in one port. The customers can install the main wing set simply by inserting the port and then securing with four screws.

Night Flyer.
To make flying the Beaver more fun at night, there are 5 LED lights. Light up the night with LEDs located in front of the main wing set and at the rear of the fuselage.

Scale detail.
The aileron and flap are to scale. The latest EPO52 foam material as well as the hollow main wing greatly alleviates the airplane weight.

Electric retracts and floats are available to add to the package. These retracts will make your model ready to tow banners and gliders. With optional floats, the Beaver’s high-powered motor is ready to be put to the test of a water take off.

-Multi-connector for easy assembly
-Lighter EPO 52 foam
-Metal landing gear designed for hard landings
-Scaled LED night lights
-Large tires for any surface
-Servo box design for easy assembly & disassembly
-Scaled flaps
-Newly developed lightweight hollow main wing
-Oversized battery hatch for 6s battery and 15 minutes of flying time
-Optional upgrades

The DHC-2 Beaver is a general purpose bush plane developed by de Havilland Canada. Though originally used for cargo/passenger hauling and crop dusting, it was also adopted by the United States Armed Forces as a utility aircraft and search and rescue unit. The single-engine, high-wing, propeller-driven STOL aircraft appeared in both the Korean and Vietnam Wars and was popular among front line men. When production finally ceased in 1967, only 1,657 DHC-2 Beavers had been built.


Brand: FMS
Item No.: BEAVER

Wingspan: 2000mm/78.7in

Overall Length: 1304mm/51.3 in 
Flying Weight: Around 3,800g
Motor Size: 4258-KV550 (포함)
ESC: 70A (포함)
Servo: 17g Metal Digital Servo x 6 (포함)
Radio: 6 Channel (미포함)
CG (center of gravity): 70-75mm (From Leading Edge)

 Prop Size: 15*9, 2 blades (포함)
Recommended Battery: Li-Po 22.2V 4000-5000mAh (미포함)
Aileron: Yes
Elevator: Yes
Rudder: Yes
Flaps: Yes
Retracts: Yes
Approx. Flying Duration: No
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14+
Experience Level: No
Assembly Time: 30 minutes


























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